6 Timeless Jewellery Gift for Her That Never Go Out of Style

Fashion is constantly changing and with the rise of fast fashion, this can be detrimental to the planet as well as personal budgets. The sheer volume of cheap, poorly constructed garments is on the rise, and the jewellery industry is unfortunately not immune.

At KORYANGS, we encourage you to be mindful of where you purchase your fashion and jewellery items. Not only will this benefit the planet, but also the quality of the items you purchase. As a starter, instead of following fads on social media which can go out of popularity quickly, look for timeless jewellery gifts. Invest in precious metal jewellery rather than cheap metals which can discolour and turn your skin green within a few wears.

Below we have outlined jewellery that can be loved for years to come.



Pearls in any form are truly timeless. Known as the ‘Queen of Gemstones’, it is hard to find any gem more esteemed than pearls. To find out a bit more about the history and background of the different types of pearls, we have a dedicated article which you can click on below.

 A Brief History of Pearls Used in Jewellery

Currently, pearls are considered to be quite fashionable, so they are a great choice as gift ideas as they are timeless yet contemporary. The iconic classic pearl string necklace is a fool proof gift to give. You can browse our collection of pearl necklaces.



Earrings are always going to be timeless as there is such a variety of styles to choose from. For example, hoop earrings are always in style as they have been worn throughout the centuries. The reason they are considered timeless is due their simple, classical shape which are suitable for every occasion. They are both practical and unique as they draw attention to the face and can be a great way of highlighting a person’s facial features. Larger hoops are great ways to make statements whilst smaller ones are great for everyday wear.

Here are some tips on How to Wear Different Types of Earrings


Chain Necklaces and Bracelets

Necklaces in general are something which have been worn in the past and can still be seen in the modern era. Chain necklaces are an example of necklaces which have been around for millennia.

Ranging from large bulky chains to more delicate chains, these pieces are not gender specific and can be enjoyed by all. Recently, wearing multiple chains of different lengths in layered style is a popular approach. However, a delicate chain is one of the most versatile pieces of jewellery in any wardrobe. A basic gold or silver chain is a timeless gift by itself. Chains match particularly well with simple, timeless garments like a little black dress for special occasion. Likewise, they are a great addition to a casual, everyday outfit. Chain jewellery will never go out of style for the simple reason outfits can be elevated or muted out by a strand of simplistic metal.


Pendants and Locket Necklaces

Similar to chain necklaces, pendants and lockets are quintessential accessories for your collection. Pendants are an excellent way of drawing attention to the neckline and can be a great conversation starter. Small and simple pendants are simple enough to be appropriate for all occasions. Alternatively, bold and complex pendants can display creative flair. For lockets, their ability to contain a small trinket that carries personal significance can be a great gift that is worn with and has sentimental value.


A Classic Ring

Rings…whether they are adorned with jewels, worn singularly, or stacked, you can never go wrong with them. For the most timeless ring it is hard to beat a simple, plain precious metal band or ring with a single jewel which will never go out of style.

Traditionally engagement rings and wedding bands were worn on the left hand, 4th finger, but now you can wear rings on any finger. If you are interested in the significance of wearing rings on different fingers, check out our article below:

Meaning of Rings of Different Fingers


Gold Jewellery

Gold jewellery has been around for centuries and is one of the most prized forms of jewellery all over the world and in different cultures.

The properties of gold make it the least reactive metal of all metals and will last a lifetime- most gold jewellery are considered heirloom pieces and are passed down generations. Gold will also retain its value as it can be melted down and repurposed. This means gold is always a good investment, even in a purely practical sense. If you decide you no longer want to keep the item you can sell it for a value which should be similar to the purchase value.

Your Crash Course Introduction to Gold Used In Jewellery is an article which give you a quick insight into the different types of gold commonly seen and used in jewellery.


Investing in timeless pieces is always a good practice to keep in mind. If you need some tips on choosing gifts for that special someone, have a look at our articles on

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