6 Tips to Help You Choose Gifts for Women

6 Tips to Help You Choose Gifts for Women

Do you lack the confidence to choose gifts? You are not alone; it is never easy to choose gifts for women. Here are 6 straightforward steps to help you choose the perfect gift for your girlfriend, wife, mother, sister, daughter, or friend.


1. What does she already wear?

The best starting point is to see what she already has in her collection. Looking at her collection is a big help because you can see what she already likes to wear and her style choices.

Here are 5 checklists to keep in mind when looking at her collection:

  1. Are her pieces small and subtle or larger and statement pieces?
  2. Does she prefer gold or silver jewellery? A mixture? Or rose gold?
  3. Does she have simplistic pieces or items with gemstones and colours?
  4. Is there a preference for jewellery shape? Stud? Hoops? Hearts? Geometric shapes?
  5. Does she prefer wearing a particular type of jewellery: necklaces, earrings, rings, or bracelets?


2. What type of person is she?

Knowing the kind of person she is can also help you decide what to get her.

  • Is she the type to buy anything special for herself or does she tend to shy away from doing this? Is the reason she doesn’t want to buy items for herself because she just isn’t bothered or because she would rather spend the money elsewhere? Can you make up for this?
  • Is she more outgoing and extroverted or quiet and introverted?
  • Is she sentimental and likes wearing meaningful gift such as birthstone related items?
  • Is she a minimalist who prefers to wear simple pieces every day or prefers to wear statement pieces on special occasions?


3. What does she do daily?

  • It may seem insignificant but understanding what she likes to do in her day to day can help. 
  • What kind of activities does she enjoy in her daily life?
  • Is she able to wear jewellery throughout the day?
  • What is the reason for her going out? Special occasions or regular daily activities?
  • Is she someone who enjoys sports where if she can wear jewellery, needs to be waterproof and sweatproof?
  • Does she have or live with small children where wearing long necklaces and dangly earring may prove difficult or even dangerous?
  • Does she have any upcoming special occasions she will be attending?


4. Ask a friend

Getting a second opinion from someone else can help you decide. Ask someone who is close to the recipient as they will know her, for example a close family member or friend. Ask them the following questions:

  •  Has she mentioned any items she wants/ is thinking of getting lately?
  • What do they think about any gifts you have currently chosen to potentially give to her?
  • Do they have any idea about her preferred type of jewellery she likes to wear? Colours? Style?


5. Narrowed down what to get, now what?

By now you should have some idea of what to get for your recipient. Your next steps are to find the stores who offer the item you are looking for. Why not start by having a browse through our store? You can access our online store here.


6. Finishing touches

Once you have chosen the perfect gift for her, don’t forget these two finishing touches which can make a huge difference.

  1. Include a handwritten letter with a heartfelt message on. Receiving a gift with meaning can be more rewarding than something simply expensive.
  2. Make sure to gift wrap your item. Unwrapping a gift is part of receiving a gift. It involves the senses and for some, is a ritual that they love. Receiving a gift wrapped letter shows you have gone the extra effort to treat them.

At KORYANGS, we have a gift wrap option to add at checkout and an option to add a message which will be handwritten by our team.


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