A Guide to Choosing the Right Necklace Length

Depending on your gender, height, and body shape, necklace lengths can sit differently on each individual. Necklace lengths are typically given in inches but it can be difficult to work out which size you need.

Ckeck out the information below to give you some guidance.


How To Know What Size Necklace You Need

The first question to ask is:

What kind of look am I going for? A discreet short chain or a long statement necklace?

Whilst also choosing the look based on length, also consider the neckline of the clothing which will be on the upper half of your body and the overall look of the outfit.

If you would like some help with which necklines look better with certain chains, click here to see our blog post. 

If you’re shopping for a loved one, a good starting point is to think about their personality and cater towards that. Would they prefer something short and dynamic, or long and elegant?


How To Measure Neck Size:

If you’re not sure what neck size you should be shopping for, it’s useful to know how to measure you neck size to use as reference.

The steps below can help:

  • Hold a tape measure at the centre of the neck, halfway between your chin adn the base of your neck.
  • Wrap it around the neck until the tape touches the starting side.
  • Take a note of the measurement in inches - this is the collar size


Women's Necklace Length Guide:

Interesting fact:

Did you know that the average woman’s neck size is 13.5 inches? 


Visual showcasing different necklace lengths

Image Source: warrenjames.co.uk


Chain Length


 14" (35 cm)

This size fits snugly around the neck, much like a collar. Perfect for those who want to wear choker style necklace. 

16" (40 cm)

This length sits just above the collarbone, at the base of the neck. Perfect for designs with a statement piece in the middle.

18" (45 cm)

The princess length. The most popular necklace length for women. This length will fall on the collarbone itself and look fantastic with any neckline.

20" (50 cm)

This  necklace length will fall just below the collarbone for women.
22" (55 cm)
Sometimes called the matinee length. This falls just above the average bust line . If you are thinking of wearing a pendant piece, think about the placement of the pendant piece, whether you want it to be hidden or visible.

24" (60 cm)

Known as the opera length, this length will fall in the middle of the bust line. It's the perfect length to wear a statement piece on a plain top or dress


Men’s Necklace Length Guide

The average collar size for men is 16 inches, so necklace lengths tend to start from here.

Chain Length



18" (45 cm)

An 18" chain will fall at the base of the neck for a man. It is probably the best length to go for if you’re shopping for a man with a smaller-than-average neck.

20" (50 cm) 

Compared to women, men have a thicker neck circumference on average. Therefore the 20" is the most popular necklace length for men, sitting on the collarbone of the average-sized man.

22" (55 cm)

The 22" men’s chain is a good necklace size for a man with a larger neck; it should fall just below the collarbone.

24" (60 cm)

A 24" necklace length will fall just above the sternum. Perfect for the statement piece.

 30" (76 cm)

This length, on average, will fall mid-chest on a man.


It is very important to work out which necklace size suits you best based on trial and error but ultimately, choose the length which you feel most comfortable with.


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