11 Tips to Help You Style Your Jewellery

Are you the type who has an abundance of jewellery in your collection? Found some pieces you haven’t worn in more than half a year? Need some help in knowing where to start?

Not everyone can immediately know which jewellery to pair with the days outfit. Sometimes it requires a bit of thinking and guidance to help decide which is most suited to the outfit. We have outlined 11 tips we think could help you decide.


1. Create Layers

You can add a more to your look just by layering different pieces of the same jewellery. Necklaces, earrings, rings, and bracelets. All these items can be layered to create a more dynamic look. You can experiment with contrasting lengths, shapes, textures, and colours.

Rings can be mixed, matched, and stacked in various combinations. Necklaces are ideal for layering. Simply gather a collection of necklaces you would like to wear and find ones which are different in length. Mix and match to your heart’s desire until you find a combination you like. 

The choice is entirely up to you and what you’re feeling. We suggest you only layer one type of jewellery at a time to avoid looking too clunky- unless that is the look you are going for, by which we support.


2. Choose Earrings to Wear Depending on Hairstyle

Earrings should be a staple with any outfit as they can draw attention to your face. Choose earrings which suit the hairstyle you decide to wear. If you go for an updo, choose dangly earrings; if your hair is loose, a bold stud should do the trick. If you have long hair, a good tip is to select earrings which contrast with your hair colour so they can stand out more and be visible.


3. Get in The Habit of Changing Your Earrings

Wearing the same pair of earrings seem like the easiest way of ensuring you are always somewhat accessorised even if you forget they are there. However, remembering to change your earrings is a great way to add interest and style to your look. It can also give you the chance to clean your earrings. Changing earrings is the easiest way of switching up your look with minimal effort. A good starting point is to look through your jewellery collection and utilise pieces you haven’t worn in a while. Otherwise, you can do a jewellery collection rehaul and treat yourself to some new earrings.

Here are some that we offer that might interest you:

KORYANGS Earring Collection


4. Know When Too Much Jewellery Can Be Too Much

The idea of less is more applies in this instance. If you are layering necklaces, maybe you don’t need bangles on bangles on your arms. Or if you decide to wear a statement necklace, a more subtle pair of earrings can suffice. Mixing and matching accessories to find which combination works best is a good method of choosing which jewellery to go bold with and which ones should be more subdued. However, if you genuinely enjoy wearing multiple items and that is your style, then we are all for it.


5. Experiment With Mixing Metals

With the variety of metals and colours on the market, there is no need to stick to one colour of jewellery. It was usually the safest option to wear jewellery of all one colour (eg silver pendant with silver chain), but now you can mix and match pendant and chain colour. Why not give this quirky style a go? However, if you would prefer to choose metals based in your skin tone and what would complement it, we have an article on how to choose your based on your skin tone.


6. Choosing Jewellery Which Complements Your Clothing

If you are attending and event, you would normally you would first think of which outfit to wear. Choosing your jewellery based on your outfit is a good way of putting together a look which is both stunning and complementary. Choosing your jewellery based on the type of neckline your outfit has is another way of making sure your overall look is balanced. Here are our guidance tips on choosing the right neckline and different necklace lengths to choose from to help you. How to wear different earrings.


7. Decide on The Focal Point of Your Overall Outfit

Do you want the clothing to be the focus or your accessories? Sometimes wearing a statement jewellery piece on top of a simple dress can work wonders on bringing out the elegance of the dress. On the other hand, if you decide to wear an eye-catching ensemble (lots of patterns and textures to the clothing), pairing it with minimalist jewellery can keep the focus on your clothes.

If you decide jewellery should be the focal point, it is best to make the visual focus on one area. For example, draw attention to one of the following: neck, hands, ears, and arms. Work on one focal point and be conscious to make sure other accessories and clothing don’t detract from it.

You can still play with layers with minimalist jewellery if you find it is too simplistic for your taste. Our advice to you is to make decisions based on what works for you and what you feel comfortable in as confidence is always the cherry on top of any outfit and look.


8. Stop Trying to Obsessively Follow The Latest Trends

We have all been guilty of doing this at least once in our lives. We see something online that everyone seems to be doing well and want to get in on the action. Instead, think about what you like to wear and evolve your own style which suits you and makes you feel confident. Work with items which work with your colouring, frame and general sense of style. The whole point of an outfit is to let your own style and personality shine through.

Trends can influence and even help us decide what to wear to a certain extent as they give us inspiration and tips, however, it is never a good idea to obsessively follow fashion at the expense of your own preference, ethics, and personality. You’ll end up losing yourself which is NOT how it should be.


9. Sometimes No Jewellery is The Way to Go

We all know someone who will never be seen without that necklace/ring/earring. Whilst this may be the case because of sentimental reasons, and they should wear the piece as and when they please. However, if you don’t have a sentimental piece, sometimes going without accessories can be freeing. Accessories can draw attention to various parts of your body, but by going without any draws the attention directly to your face as there are no distracting features. Give going without accessories for a day go, and if you don’t like, by all means accessorise away till your heart’s desire.


10. Controversial One: Ignore The Rules!

Yes, there are rules out there that can provide guidance and help BUT! Break the rules as you see fit. Dressing up should be a personal activity for yourself and only for yourself. Whilst others can give you advice, never let others dictate how you should dress. Your style is about who you are and if what works for you is doing whatever you want, go for it.


11. Clean Your Jewellery

As an avid jewellery lover, I believe everyone should at least know the basics of cleaning their jewellery at least once a month (after each wear is ideal). So many people overlook cleaning their jewellery and this can affect how your jewellery is presented. Sterling silver jewellery, for example, should be polished regularly to remove the tarnish which can make it appear dull and lifeless. You wouldn’t neglect washing your clothes after a few wears, so why shouldn’t it be the same for jewellery?

We have an article on how to clean your jewellery so have a look if you want to know some methods to effectively clean your jewellery.

How to Clean Your Jewellery


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