6 Jewellery Gifting Ideas for Any Special Occasion

Who doesn’t love receiving a meaningful gift?

Why not take your gift giving occasion to the next level by presenting the gift in a unique way. Read on to learn a few different ways to wow your recipient with your gift giving.


1. Pair jewellery gifts with another gift

Instead of giving your gift in a jewellery box, why not put the necklace on a soft toy? You can never go wrong with a classic teddy bear. You can either put the jewellery on the toy or place the box the jewellery is in on the teddy bear’s lap.

Another option is to take the recipient out for a special dinner and then present them the jewellery gift to wear with their outfit.


2. Leave it in a surprising place

If you know the daily habits and routines of your recipient, why not utilise this? If they are a coffee lover in the mornings, place the gift next to their favourite mug or put the gift box in the cupboard where they like to get their coffee from.

Similarly, who doesn’t like a mini adventure? Plan a simple scavenger hunt for them to follow and find the gift at the end. It is up to you how you want to plan the adventure, but we recommend to make it easy and simple to follow as the last thing we want is for them to get frustrated in the middle of the hunt.


3. Recruit the perfect delivery person

A different way to give a gift is by asking someone else to help you with the delivery. Ask a close friend, family member or if they have children- their kids to help. Simply ask them to assist you with giving your gift. You can be as creative or simplistic as you like!


4. Create memories and share a new experience with them

Take some time to reflect on your past experiences with the recipient and see if there are any new activities you can do to create new memories. People tend to associate new experiences with particular emotions so utilise this and plan accordingly. If you need some help deciding on the activity, think back to any incidences where they have expressed an interest in a particular activity and plan around that.


5. Consider your jewellery gifting timing

Depending on why you are giving the gift, you can play with the time to give the gift. If you usually have a routine for gift giving/ exchanging, you can switch this up. For example, if you usually do this at the end of the evening/ event, you can instead give this at the beginning or even give it to the before they get ready for the event by laying the gift next to their vanity or outfit if they are the type to lay out their outfits.


6. Gifting jewellery at Christmas

Do you want to give jewellery as a Christmas gift this year? Instead of simply giving them the gift in a box, incorporate any traditions you may have this time of year. If you are the type to have Christmas tree every year, why not decorate the Christmas tree with the gift and ask your recipient to help you reorganise the decorations so they can find the gift.


Gifting jewellery does not have to be challenging and stressful. Our tips are there to give you some ideas and a starting point to decide on how you want to give your gift to that special someone. If you need some ideas on what to give them, check out our incredible selection:


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