Our Story

Welcome to KORYANGS.

Manufactured in South Korea, our Korean Jewellery offers practical yet elegant options for those with sensitive skin. All our items are nickle-free.

We use advanced handcrafting skills to create a range of affordable pieces that does not sacrifice on quality. From simple earrings to bold necklaces, all our items are designed to be as comfortable as they are eye-catching.

My name is Ju, I am the creative director behind KORYANGS. I have always had an interest in jewellery and finding pieces which can be worn through multiple occasions. I firmly believe jewellery should be an investment, and when properly taken care of, should last a long time. 

Making a conscious decision to ensure all my pieces are hypoallergenic was both a professional choice and a personal commitment. The term 'hypoallergenic' refers to items made from material unlikely to cause a reaction. Millions of people around the world struggle to wear jewellery due to irritations caused by sensitve skin and metal allergies.

Having seen my mother as one of those individuals, I understand the struggle of loving jewellery but fearing the allergic reactions that some metals can cause. I believe that beauty should never be a compromise, and everyone deserves to wear exquisite pieces without worrying about potential irritations.

The name KORYANGS has personal meaning for me. It takes the 'KOR' from 'Korea' and fuses it with the word 'Yang' from Yin and Yang. Yang symbolises bright positive energy which I want my brand to embody. I want everyone who comes across my brand to know it has a root in South Korea and the purpose of the brand is to bing positive energy and confidence to those who wear the pieces from the brand.


My ambition is to create much more than a source for beautiful jewellery but an all round holistic buying experience. The is satisfying, rewarding and builds trust in the KORYANGS brand. 

Read about why I chose jewellery designed in Korea here: 

Choose KORYANGS for quality, hypoallergenic jewellery at affordable prices. We provide not just great jewellery, but also exceptional service. With us, you get to wear your style without worry, and enjoy excellent customer care whenever you need it.

Enjoy your time with us today and return soon.